Furniture Designer Maker

Peter Morgan_edited.jpg

I'm Peter Morgan, furniture designer maker at snog furniture. 

I first started making way, way back as a kid producing my first piece aged just 14. It was a simple coffee table and it is still in everyday use by my brother more than 30 years later. After qualifying in furniture design and making I have created more pieces that are influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement from the late 19th Century to the Atomica and Googie architecture of the mid-20th Century. British hardwoods from local, sustainable sources are used wherever possible in my furniture. 

Oh, and another thing: I believe in something called 'Slow Furniture'. This is a movement away from the disposable and the instant to something that has been lovingly made with care and lasts a lifetime. Loveable, kissable, snogable furniture.

Welcome to snog furniture.